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„The Costs“

Process - Costs


After submitting a non-binding inquiry by phone or online using the contact form, we will quickly send a questionnaire to determine your individual needs, and then the information you need to make a decision. You can also call the questionnaire online or download it directly in PDF format.


We are pleased to visit you at home to find a personal solution in which we naturally respond to the wishes of all concerned. Based on your information and needs, we will look for a suitable supervisor with our team on site, as well as through our Polish cooperation partners.


If you decide on the proposed person, you will receive contractual documents for mutual signature.

It then usually takes 5 to 10 days for your supervisor to arrive.


Of course, we will take care of you from the bus or train and transport it to the right place! The care person has a room, the bathroom can be shared, meals and accommodation are free.


Of course, your data is sent over an encrypted connection and is subject to data protection (data protection declaration). They will be passed on to third parties (sending companies / support employees) solely for the purpose of processing and providing our services.

What is special about our offer


Short-term care is possible from 2 weeks.

All of our employees speak Polish fluently to help you with differences.


The monthly costs depend on your requirements for the care worker, the need for care (level of care) and language skills of the care staff and start from 2150 EUR for one person's household support.


Explicit costs are determined after the questionnaire has been evaluated and, if you wish, explained in a personal conversation. The costs are absolute final costs and include all customs, taxes, fees and travel expenses.


Important: You can share your own room and the associated obligations free of charge.






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